Rudhu Jathagam

Marriage should be arranged for a girl only after following proper remedies if the Ruthu of a girl has occurred on inauspicious day, thithi(lunar days), constellation, months, yogas , karanas and planetary positions.Happy future of a girl is also determined based on the clothes worn by the girl during her first menses and the person who checks the menstrual discharge in the girl.

The colour and the quality of the cloth worn by the girl during her puberty also shows some effects in her marriage life. If a girl was wearing white cloth during her first menses she will be happy and healthy. She’ll live like a queen and be fortunate if she was wearing silk during her Ruthu. Happy and polite if new cloth was worn. Torn cloth, red cloth, black cloth, dirty cloth gives poverty, disease, widowhood and sorrow respectively.

Hence parents should concentrate in choosing right garments and night cloths for their girl child who is about to attain puberty. White, yellow, green is best recommended for girls whose age crosses 12 and above. The girl taking mangal snan (first bath) after her first menses should look at any auspicious objects like sandal wood, lotus, mirror, cow, elephant etc.