Dasa sandhi is an important aspect in Marriage Compatibility of Horoscopes. Dasa Sandhippu means the the Dasa of the Girl or Boy should not change within a period of 1 year. If this is noticed at the time of checking the Horoscopes the marriage will not be recommended. Dasa Sandhippu gives us a warning that this Girl & Boy if married will have to face difficult times in in future. Dasa is the period in years, the different NAVAGRAHAS rule us during our lifetime. Our Life span has been taken as 120 years in Astrology. 3 Stars are assigned one Graham.

Bukthi is a portion of a Dasa. This means within the duration of a Dasa, all the other planets will have a specific period. The first Bukthi will always be the same as its Dasa. For example in Sukra Dasa the first Bukthi will be Sukra Bukthi. This will be followed by, Suryan - Chandran - Chevvai -Rahu - Guru - Sani - Budhan and Kethu. Bukthi is not taken into account when checking the Dasa Sandhippu

It is essential to check Dasa Sandhippu when comparing the horoscopes of a Girl and Boy for marriage. Dasa Balance at the time of Birth is the starting point to calculate the various Dasa periods till about 75 to 80 years for the Boy and the Girl. When comparing these calculations, if we find the running Dasa of the Girl or Boy changes within a period of one year at any point of time, it is known as Dasa Sandhippu.