Auspicious Days for Baby Shower

The auspicious days for seemantham are important for the well being of the mother to be, her happiness and health and a successful delivery being the end requirement.

Baby Shower is an important event in the life of any woman. It is the time to be happy and be ready for the D-day of delivery. To make this event a success and also to make the days approaching the delivery day, the parents and the husband consult the astrologer, identify the auspicious days for the seemantham function.

Seemantham is a happy occasion. This seemantham ceremony is also a time when the positive vibrations of the mantras recited at the time, Udhagasanthi Japam (jaap) recited for about an hour. The reciting of the mantras are believed to provide the mental strength to the baby in the womb, create a conducive mind and prepare it for its entry into this world.